Holland Code

The Holland Occupational and Personality Model is a popular tool dividing job seekers into six personality types: Conventional, Realistic, Investigative, Artistic, Social and Enterprising.

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Conventional (Organizers): These job seekers enjoy activities that permit the organization of information in a clear, orderly manner. They are detail-oriented people who are responsible, logical, and who enjoy structured settings. They like to work with data.
Job Examples: Website editor, computer programmer, safety manager, telecommunications specialist.

Realistic (Doers): These job seekers are technically and athletically inclined. They enjoy working with machines, tools, objects and animals. They are practical, reserved and physical. They will enjoy working outdoors on concrete problems and see tangible results. They like to work with things.
Job Examples: Electrician, surgeon, pilot, civil engineers, veterinarians.

Investigative (Thinkers): These job seekers are abstract problem solvers. They enjoy researching, exploring ideas, collecting data, analyzing, inquiring and using instruments. They are methodical, original and logical, and often have a strong interest in science. They like to work with data.
Job Examples: Software developer, biologist, robotics engineer, coroners, automotive mechanics. 

Artistic (Creators): These job seekers enjoy being original, independent, introspective, self-expressive, innovative and unstructured. They develop skills in music, art, drama, language and writing. They like to work with ideas and things. 
Job Examples: Architect, graphic designer, writer. 

Social (Helpers): These job seekers enjoy working with people to inform, train, enlighten or cure. They are perceptive, responsible, emphatic and patient. These job seekers may enjoy group activities and are usually good with words. They like to work with people.
Job Examples: Social worker, loan officer, psychologist, police officer, teacher. 

Enterprising (Persuaders): These job seekers use their minds, words and feelings in dealing with people to motivate, persuade, manage and sell goods or services or to promote ideas. They are assertive, sociable, enthusiastic, influential, and goal-oriented. They like to work with people and data. 
Job Examples: Production manager, politician, financial planner, industrial engineer. 

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